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Established in 1989, award-winning Arctic adventure company, Polar Sea Adventures, represents high quality adventure programs that promote environmental and cultural awareness and respect. Polar Sea is sensitive to the effects of travel on the areas we visit. We remain actively dedicated to the protection of the Arctic and strive to play a role in encouraging responsible and ethical development of this incredible, unique and important part of our planet.

Polar Sea adheres to the highest standards of minimum impact camping and travel activities. We carry a caring understanding of the fragile Arctic landscape and environment, the animals that live here and the enduring Inuit hunting culture. Through exclusive and exciting adventure trips and expeditions, Polar Sea makes a policy of employing local Inuit guides as much as possible - thus creating tangible and important benefits to the local economy and community. David Reid now offers consulting, logistics and planning services. An increasing part of the business involves customised trips and special projects

We invite you to take a look at our Arctic world through the photographs contained on this website.

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Above: David Reid
(Photo by Lee Narraway)

Top Left: Sea kayaking among -
iceberg pinacles

Top Middle: Lone hiker -
Mount Herodier
(Photo by Daryl Benson)

Top Right: Mother polar bear -
and her cubs
(Photo by Ian Robinson)

All photographs on this website
taken by David Reid, unless
otherwise specified.