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Polar Sea is proud to be an Arctic-based company. Experience gained through actually living here and being based in the Arctic. Conducting adventure trips and expeditions over many years has meant the company possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise to pass onto others.

Polar Sea has been involved with organisations such as Nunavut Tourism and the CTC (Canadian Tourism Commission). Consultation services have been used to illustrate the unique challenges, difficulties and opportunities that exist in operating an adventure company in the far North and in one of the most remote locations in the world. Polar Sea offers consulting services throughout Nunavut and is particularly motivated to provide the advice and knowledge that contributes directly to local community tourism development.

Unique factors exist relative to Arctic tourism. Recently Polar Sea was approached to provide input into the SMART (Sustainable Model for Arctic Regional Tourism) program/project and in the past has provided consulting services, planning and advice to small Inuit owner/operator business’s.



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Above: Consulting the menu. Moraine camp - Bylot Island (Photo by Tom Koelbel)

Top Left: With client at the floe-edge (Photo by Mark Burnham)

Top Middle: Group discussion - Auyuittuq National Park

Top Right: Formal group discussion (Photo by Mark Burnham)