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Tradition still plays an important part in everyday life in the high Arctic. No other activity perhaps defines the Arctic as well, and is as traditional, as travelling by dog team.
Driven and guided by an Inuit hunter, clients will step back in time and experience what it must have been like to travel in this wild and remote Arctic land a hundred years ago. The solitude and silence will only be broken by the panting of the dogs as they excitedly pull at the harnesses, ever eager to make ground, travelling across the white expanse of frozen ocean.

Two clients per sled, along with guide, will be accompanied by an additional guide driving a snowmachine and pulling a gear komatik. The third guide will travel ahead each day to set up a comfortable base camp (tent or igloo) from which the next days adventure will start. The route will not be completely set, the idea of this remarkable trip is to travel at the pace set by the ice and snow conditions, in addition, it will never get dark.

Surrounded by high mountains and glaciers, fresh water being gleaned from nearby icebergs, join a unique Arctic adventure and travel back in time.

*It will be still be comparatively cold at this time in Spring. A comprehensive clothing list will be provided and special cold weather gear will be offered at reduced prices.

Example of trip itinerary:
Day 1: Morning flight from Ottawa to Pond Inlet, via Iqaluit. Greeted at the airport and transported to hotel for welcome supper. Group talk and gear check. Evening spent relaxing or exploring some of the community.

Day 2: Breakfast. Depart from Pond Inlet by dog team along with Inuit guide. Clients and dog team will be supported by guide with snowmachine and komatik (sled) who will go ahead each day to prepare camp in time for clients arrival. Choice is given to clients whether they want to sleep in a tent or in an igloo.

Day 3 - 6: Exploring the land around the Pond Inlet area. Camping or sleeping in igloo.

Day 7: Return to Pond Inlet. Supper and hotel accommodation.

Day 8: Town day. Opportunity to explore the community and visit library, interpretive centre, stores and local Inuit carvers/artists. Supper and hotel accommodation.

Day 9:Breakfast. Early morning departure from Pond Inlet to Ottawa

2016 Trip Dates:
To be announced, please contact us for more information

2016 Trip Prices:
To be announced, please contact us for more information

All prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to GST (5%) Trip prices and dates are subject to change (possible airline re-scheduling)

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Above: A friendly companion

Top Left: Inuit child and four
legged friend
(Photo by Lee Narraway)

Top Right: A cultural journey
like no other
(Photo by Lee Narraway)