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Polar Sea has experience over the years working in collaboration with many film and television companies. Clients have included the BBC (Planet Earth), CBC (Nature Of Things), Discovery Channel, CTV, OLN, NHK (Japan) Vox Films (Germany) and TVO. Projects have included product commercials, documentaries, wildlife films, environmental programs (such as investigations into climate change issues) scientific research in the field, survival skills needed to survive in the harsh Arctic environment and many adventure travel shows.

Polar Sea has the necessary experience, equipment and resources to ensure all projects are well planned, organised and professionally handled.

Polar Sea is the only adventure company in Nunavut specializing in film and television production assistance.

BBC - Planet Earth, Frozen Planet
CBC - Nature of Things, Suzuki Diaries
OLN - Survivor man, Edge of Survival
Glacialis Productions - Flight of the Snow Goose
CTV/CTC - Winter Olympic Production
ITV - Billy Connolly - Journey to the Edge of the World
Primitive Productions - Canada's National Parks
VOX - Germany
HNK - Japan
Discovery Channel
.....and many more.

Whenever and wherever possible, personal face to face meetings are arranged and specific locations are chosen. Close, thorough and personal consultation is part of putting any successful project together.

Polar Sea has worked with crews of all sizes; from a small film crew of two to a production involving almost thirty people. In addition to outfitting and production assistance, Polar Sea also offers Arctic location scouting services. With both HD film cameras and still photography, staff and guides can travel to anywhere in Arctic Canada to document and record any type of location, environment or scene, at any time of year.

If a producer wants to shoot in the Arctic and is looking for an experienced crew or individuals, Polar Sea has associations with camera operators that have a proven track record in Arctic cinematography

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Above: Filming ice towers near Pond Inlet

Top Left: On location - Glacier Lake

Top Right: On location near the
floe-edge - ever watchful
(Photo by Mark Burnham)