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Clients include: explorers, filmmakers, television production companies, visitors, scientists, researchers and fellow adventure companies. All have used Polar Sea's knowledge and expertise to help in their respective trips, expeditions or projects.

Logistics such as aircraft charters (both fixed-winged and helicopters) supply of fuel, drop off and pick up services (in all seasons) transportation, accommodation, supply of maps, meals, catering, truck rental, storage facilities, airline ticketing, gear/supplies positioning and gear/equipment rental.

Polar Sea will do whatever it can to provide the best service and gear/equipment available. Polar Sea staff and guides have travelled thousands of miles by dog sled, sea kayak, snowmobile, Twin Otter aircraft, ski and on foot. Gained through actually living here, we have over twenty years of invaluable Arctic experience.

There is no substitute for experience and many times clients have saved time, money and unnecessary hassle, from practical, sound and seasoned advice.

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Above: Twin Otter and ATV-
Devon Island

Top Left: Film project - on location,
the only way in.

Top Right: Komatiks and gear