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The Arctic attracts photographers from all corners of the globe. Increasingly, the Arctic territory of Nunavut, and in particular Baffin Island, is becoming more widely known and is slowly giving up some of its secrets. From unique and interesting Inuit culture to landscapes that leave visitors and seasoned adventurers alike in awe, there is no shortage of inspiring subjects, themes and places.

Although certain challenges exist, photographing this remote and beautiful region will reward the patient, committed photographer. Images taken will continue to tug on camera bags for years to come, reminding and encouraging to once again look North and explore.

The magical Arctic light draws, challenges and inspires photographers. The returning new light after the long dark winter, the midnight sun and the incredible sunsets that burn as a short summer season slowly comes to a close, energize and captivate all that look through a lens.

Over the years Polar Sea has worked with and helped dozens of photographers from all over the world. In addition, Polar Sea has a library of thousands of images of Arctic landscapes, people and wildlife - available for sale to individuals, companies, magazines and books.


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Above: Arctic meadow and
Hoodoo spires

Top Left: Mysterious Arctic marbles
(Photo by Lee Narraway)

Top Right: A photographers dream
(Photo by Lee Narraway)