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Trips & Expeditions
Polar Sea has the experience and resources necessary to put together customised trips and expeditions. Together with adventure outfitter Black Feather Wilderness Adventures, they represent most experienced Arctic adventure and expedition pairing in the world. Let us help you plan and experience an Arctic adventure in one of the world's most remote wilderness areas.

Customised Trips

Polar Sea can help put your trip or expedition together with knowledge, expertise and efficiency. If you have an idea for a trip, let us know. Assistance can be as much or as little as desired by clients.

Special Projects
Designed for photographers, magazines, newspapers, journalists, product testers and adventurers alike. If you're interested in travelling to the Arctic, let us know what you want to do and we'll put it together for you.

Polar Sea provides consulting services and expertise to individuals, companies and adventurers from all over the world. We specialize in local community tourism development projects.

Logistics & Planning
Take advantage of Polar Sea's and Black Feather's almost fifty years of experience and knowledge. It's commonly said, but there really is no substitute for experience.

Film & Television

Over the years, Polar Sea has been involved in dozens of film and television projects. Producers from all over the world have come to rely on Polar Sea's local knowledge and expertise. Drawn by the Arctic's incredible scenery, unique local culture and wildlife. Polar Sea has been involved in more film and television productions than any other adventure company in Nunavut.

Photographic opportunities abound in this beautiful and inspiring landscape. At times challenging, the Arctic environment offers photographers a blend of special, rewarding and unique subjects and locations. A lifetimes worth of experiences.


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Above: Summer bloom -
flowers and ice

Top Left: Sea Kayaking
on an Arctic mirror

Top Middle: Mountain Biking
on Sermilik Glacier
(Photo by Tom Koelbel)

Top Right: Venturing out to
be among Arctic giants