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Over the years, Polar Sea has been involved in providing help and support to magazines (such as Above & Beyond, Canadian Geographic and Marie Claire) newspapers, travel writers, journalists, photographers, painters, filmmakers, adventurers and even astronomers from all over the world.

Polar Sea works with a number of production companies providing the necessary expertise, knowledge and resources for television commercials, product testing and product shoots.

Special projects can range in time from one day to one month in duration. Projects can take place in any part of Arctic Canada and around Baffin Island communities such as Igloolik, Clyde River, Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay and Iqaluit.

Whether it’s a television commercial for a French cell phone company, a conference/meeting, or a photographic assignment for polar bears or narwhal, Polar Sea has the experience, available resources and ability to help make a successful project.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss any project you’re planning, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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Above: Crossing the Weasel River - Auyuittuq National Park

Top Left: Sea kayaks ready at
floe-edge base camp

Top Right: Packing up - remote
film location