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Dog Sledding Expeditions
Take a unique cultural experience and follow in the paw prints of history.

Arctic Skiing Expeditions
Explore an untouched landscape, leaving no trace as springtime advances.

Baffin Skiing Expeditions
An adventure like no other...... in a landscape like no other.

Floe-edge Expeditions
Journey to the edge......journey with us and explore Nature’s "line of life!"

Hiking Expeditions

Where high mountains and hidden valleys hold secrets, stories and......dinosaurs!

Sea Kayaking Expeditions
Paddle and explore in one of the world’s most remote and inspiring landscapes.

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Above: Paddling beside
"Bergy Bit"

Top Left: Mountain "Ice" Biking

Top Middle: Summer hiking in
Sirmilik National Park

Top Right: Negotiating cracks in
sea ice in late June